Rise & Shine

An alarm clock app that won't stop until you smile in to the camera.

Designing this app was a lot of fun. It's concept is unique and beneficial to those who have a hard time waking up in a good mood. Studies show that being forced to smile in the morning makes your day 90% better. I made that up.

Loading screen design. I wanted to create an illustration that captured the best parts of waking up; colors from the sun and the sky, the smell of grass, and the overall simplicity and aesthetics of nature.

This is the main screen. Easily select which days the alarm will repeat and quickly access app settings as well as your not-so-glamorous morning photos.

Set your phone to strobe, vibrate, play audio, or all of the above! Clicking the trash button removes the alarm altogether.

Although this feature was never implemented, I designed a modal where the user could record custom alarm sounds.

We save each smiling mug you used to stop the alarm. A pull-down action reveals your bed-head photos. You can view and edit or opt out of saving each photo.

Save each photo to your phone or share via social media.

When it's time to wake up, the front facing camera is automatically activated and detects your smile. After smiling for 12 consecutive seconds, the moon goes away and the sun congratulates you for waking up!