Open Home Pro®

A service that gives agents and brokers simple way to manage their leads, listings, and open houses.

My first project with the Open Home Pro team was to create a unified design guide that designers and developers could use to keep our look in sync. I collaborated with the graphic designer to consolidate design elements and create a interactive guide using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This was beneficial for designers so they could preview their designs in a real environment which helped reduce back-and-forth between dev and design. Developers could inspect the code to retrieve HTML structure or CSS styling to apply to the site an no longer had to guess hex codes or font sizes. Next I plugged in the style guide to the site; upgrading and consolidating HTML and CSS to make our site faster and more efficient.

My next notable project was to redesign OHP's iOS app. This is a screenshot of our new 'Leads view'.

This is the old version of our Leads view. Very plain and not the most intuitive at times. Definitely in need of a UX and UI upgrade.

Lead detail view. Here is where an agent can view details of a lead that visited a particular listing.

Listings view. This view allows an agent to see all their listings and quickly see how many leads they've received from a particular listing.

Listing detail view. Here the agent can update their listing's information and begin their open house.

We needed a way for users to download an app or email a link to themselves for later. I designed app store badges that looked reminiscent of traditional badges but added a dropdown that allows the user to email the link to a specified email address or download the app directly. I wanted to the interaction to be smooth and modern so I used some CSS3 techniques to spice up the display.