Mu Optics

Thermal imaging at consumer friendly prices.

Mu Optics set out to build an affordable thermal imaging device that interfaced with your smartphone or laptop. I was hired to create Mu Optic's brand and design their website and mobile app.

A small selection of logos that made it to the final round.

This layout that allows for quick access to all features and important settings. Easily adjust the viewing mode on the left-hand side. Change the infrared gradient by clicking on the thermal range indicator at the bottom of the screen. Switch infrared capture mode from photo to video at the bottom right. Initiate capture with the big red button.

When in Crosshair mode, you can pinpoint a section of the live infrared feed to receive a temperature reading.

Projects view.

Edit mode. Here you can select one or more projects and export or delete them.

Photos listed in a project. Each item contains the original photo as well as the infrared image so they can be easily compared after the thermal image is captured.

Edit mode for infrared photos and videos.

Mu Optic's website.

Initial website concept.